10 tips for relaxation

Short and to the point, these simple life rules create time and space for oneself in a crazy world!

Hi there! I have taken time out of my day to write a short piece which will hopefully provide the motivation for you to make time in your day to concentrate on yourself and your own well being during these times where we have dedicated so much time in caring for others. Give a little something back to yourself and reap the benefits without having to feel guilty about it!

“Taking time out of your busy schedule is paramount to survival in this 24/7 online world in which we find ourselves.”

get creative with your time!

  1. Set aside time in your evening where electronic devices are either switched off or out of reach. Read a book instead of watching the television or scrolling endlessly through social media posts. This approach will undoubtedly aid your sleep too.

  2. Exercise by taking a walk a swim or a gentle bike ride. I cannot emphasise the benefits of a little exercise a few times per week. Both your physical and mental well being will improve dramatically with minimal effort. The fresh air helps too!

  3. Taking a power nap during the middle of your day of around 15-20 minutes can really boost your mood! Not always possible but when taken can rid you of that daily lag.

  4. Soak in a bath listening to the running water. Not exactly environmentally friendly but for me, a soak in a hot bath whilst the water trickles from the tap with your eyes closed is intensely relaxing and soothing. Just don't burn your foot under the hot tap!

  5. Be creative. Writing drawing or using puzzle or colouring books can be extremely therapeutic and when completed something to look at as a sense of achievement.

  6. Go on a spa day to get you away from the home life stress, if you have the time and if you're feeling flush!

  7. Take time by yourself in a quiet corner (if possible!) with a cuppa and a book in your favourite chair or in a spare room or maybe even in the shed! Wherever you can grab that peaceful moment is good. Candles optional!

  8. Go for a drive and sing your favourite songs! Again not the most environmentally sound practice but for stress relief its a great method. And only you can hear the 'singing'!

  9. Cook something new although some would consider this stressful! For me attempting to rustle up something in the kitchen from a cookery book has always been enjoyable.

  10. Take time to reflect on the privilege of life, how fortunate we are, what those before us achieved and what we can achieve. Simple reflective thinking that can work wonders for your equilibrium.

Some of the above suggestions may seem a little indulgent. But if taking a little time for yourself equates to a better feeling about yourself afterwards, I'm all for it. I hope these suggestions have helped in some small way. Thanks for reading! Stay positive, stay relaxed!

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